Manicures & Pedicures - North Finchley

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Regular Manicure (60 min) £20
Mini Manicure (30 min) £15
Shellac (60 min) £30
Soak Off/Shellac (60 min) £30
Clear Gel/Shellac (60 min) £35
Lux Mani - Mask/Para (75 min) £25
Regular Pedicure (60 min) £30
Mini Pedicure (30 min) £20
Shellac Pedicure (60 min) £30
Combine Pedicure (75 min) £45
File/Polish (20 min) £12
Soak Off/Shellac (60 min) £30
Lux Pedi - Mask/Para (75 min) £35
Soak Off/Shape Nails (20 min) £10
Soak Off/File/Polish (30 min) £15
Cut/Shape Nails (10 min) £6
Cut ShapeToe Nails (10 min) £8
Nail Repair (5 min) £5



Nothing finishes an outfit like wonderfully manicured nails. We'll transform your hard working hands and feet, banishing chipped nails forever.

Choose a manicure or pedicure for beautiful nails. We will ensure you look exquisite from top to toe.

Your hands endure alot throughout the day. Washing, shopping, cold and hot weather, all take their toll on the state of your skin.

Our treatments use high quality products which treat hands as carefully as treating the face.

Complete foot paradise!! Our treatments can include a foot scrub to reduce dry skin and stimulate circulation.

Foot scrubs reduce dry skin and stimulate circulation and a foot mask will leave feet feeling delicate and smooth.

A regular nail treatment keeps nails clean and the surrounding skin is cared for. This enhances the appearance and promotes the strength and growth of the nails. A plan may be recommended to compliment treatments when leaving the salon.

For head to toe pampering, treat your hands and feet to one of our nourishing, gorgeously indulgent treatments, such as...



A paraffin manicure is a beauty treatment for the hands that combines nail polishing and buffing with skin softening and moisturizing. The entire hand is dipped in paraffin wax, either before or after the nails are polished, in order to seal in softness and moisture. The wax is usually left on the skin for some time, usually between five minutes and half an hour. When it is removed, the skin will typically feel silky soft, and the hands are refreshed and revitalized.



Paraffin wax is quite oily, and is known for its ability to lock in moisture. When applied to the skin, it can help restore suppleness and vitality by opening pores and increasing circulation. A treatment also can have therapeutic properties, such as relieving sore muscles and joints, providing better range of motion in the hands, and easing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, eczema, arthritis, and other ailments.







Acrylic Soak off